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Our upcoming #hr webinars include Crystal Report of the Month Benefit Census Report, Payroll Your Way, iRecruit for Sage HRMS:

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Tips for Energizing Your Exhausted Employees
Even though the people in your unit are overstretched, scarred by the budget ax, and sick to death of change, you’re about to present them with a wrenching new challenge. It’s your job to get them excited about it. What’s your plan?

Small Employer Tip – Create Structure for Compensation and Performance Programs
One of the things usually missing from the small employer repertoire of offerings is the feedback mechanism it provides to its employees. Often you’ll hear a small employer say “we’re too small for that here” or “our employees already know how we feel about them”. That’s not always the case. There is definitely a distinctive difference between what the employer thinks and how the employee feels when it comes to their job performance and/or standing within the organization. Bottom line, performance feedback to your employees (either good or bad) is necessary and wanted by the employees.

Everyone Does It – Hot Compensation Trends
Have you ever bought a cool new car only to spend the next few weeks noticing how many other people drive the same car? You give them the “nod” as you pass on the streets in acknowledgement of their obvious good decision. It doesn’t take long to feel like there are far more people smart enough to be driving the same car as you after your purchase than prior. What’s going on here?

The Worst Ways To ‘Help’ Employees Over The Holidays
Learn from the tone-deaf fails of two huge companies to give your employees the kind of support they’ll actually appreciate.

Top 9 HR Fails of 2013
You hire an HR department to keep you from making stupid decisions regarding employees, right? Well, there are some companies that need to do a little bit better job with the the Human part of Human Resources. Here are the top HR Fails of 2013.

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