Recruiting, onboarding & new hire tax credits


Cost Management Services - CMS - has been in the HR Software business for over 27 years. Today we provide recruiting and electronic onboarding software - iRecruit - to customers throughout the United States. We also provide Work Opportunity Tax Credit Administration services. Call CMS today with any questions at 1-800-517-9099.
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Recruiting & Applicant Tracking

iRecruit developed by CMS, is a cloud-based online recruiting, applicant tracking system. iRecruit includes resume parsing, job board publishing, and the ability to easily track and report on all your applicants. iRecruit is easy to setup, easy to use, comprehensive and flexible – completely paperless recruiting solution, that integrates with Sage HRMS.

Electronic Onboarding

Available with the iRecruit module, iConnect, electronic onboarding is used to collect additional information from candidates. This may include sending offer letters, questionnaires, and/or new hire paperwork. iConnect includes I-9 forms, W-4 forms and State Tax Withholding forms.

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Employment Tax Credits

Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program or “WOTC” was enacted to promote the hiring of individuals from target groups. Based on CMS’ experience 10-15% of the workforce is eligible for the employment tax credits with an average tax credit of $2,400. The savings can be significant. WOTC Administration is available with, or without iRecruit