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Futurama: Seven Trends Transforming HR and Rewards
I get asked a lot about the Future of HR and I always say – if I’m not talking to someone totally uptight – that in about ten years most of us will be replaced by artificially intelligent machines* who don’t whine about money or appreciation.  That’s why I tend to limit my crystal ball gazing to about 5 years.

Is Your Workplace Flexible Or Just Pretending To Be?
Employers give a lot of lip service to workplace flexibility these days. But if your small business is talking the talk and not walking the walk, you could be driving your employees away without realizing it. Workplace flexibility is the top consideration for nearly three-fourths of U.S. adults when choosing a job, a recent Mom Corps study reports. What’s more, that percentage is even higher among working parents. What do workers want from the workplace—and what are the risks to your business if you’re not delivering?

The Future of Part-time Jobs in the US Economy
For some time, people have feared that firms will replace full-time jobs with part-time jobs in order to cut back on costly benefits and taxes. This speculation has been spurred by debate over the Affordable Care Act, which mandates that employers with more than 50 employees provide health-insurance coverage to those who work 30 or more hours per week.

“My Employee is on Facebook Four Hours a Day. What Do I Do?”
Last week, I had the opportunity to speak to the Connecticut Technology Council’s IT Summit. The panel discussion, entitled “Social Media: How to Manage Your New Digital Workfoce and Your Workforce ‘Friends’”, explored the impact of social networking on how businesses communicate with customers and employees, and how to reconcile the need for security and control with the desire to remain flexible and competitive.

Where minimum wage rates are slated to rise in 2014
The federal minimum wage is $7.25. But many states and municipalities require employers to pay more than that — and a number are slated for increases in 2014.

Engaging the C-Suite
Relatively few organizations provide financial incentives for executives to promote inclusion in the workplace, according to a new survey.
When it comes to understanding the importance of having a diverse and inclusive workforce, executives at global companies are all in: 96 percent of them believe it can improve employee engagement and business performance, according to a first-of-its-kind survey by the Korn/Ferry Institute, part of Los Angeles-based talent-management firm Korn/Ferry International.

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