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3 Keys To Managing Millennial Employees
Millennials have often been stereotyped as lazy, entitled and disloyal—and too many people have fallen for this mischaracterization. The reality is, Gen Y bashing has gotten out of hand. Instead of harnessing this generation’s technical aptitude, creativity and intellectual abilities, we waste time criticizing problems that may not actually exist.

A View of Customer-Centric HR
One of the best ways to improve HR practices is by understanding that a company’s clients are also an HR department’s customers. By interacting with customers and improving customer relations, an HR department can create systems that help train, retain, and reward employees. Keep reading to find out how an HR department can evolve into a customer-focused department.

Change Your Company with Better HR Analytics
You’re probably a little tired of hearing about Big Data. While you would expect online giants like Amazon and companies like Netflix to be early innovators in the use of data to recommend products or movies, you only care about the answer to one question: what does big data mean for the everyday employee and how can regular businesses extract real value from it?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Secret Santa in the Office
Christmas is a time for giving but finding the perfect gift for someone can be fraught with potential pitfalls. The office secret Santa can amplify these problems and so it is always worth considering whether it is something which should be organized through management, left up to individual teams to decide upon among themselves or banned altogether as a bad idea.

Spotlight on Sage HRMS HR Actions® by Delphia Consulting
Sage HRMS HR Actions enables you to create paperless forms using any fields in Sage HRMS and streamline the collection and approval of employee data using web-based self service. Anyone can initiate forms over the Internet or intranet—HR, managers, or employees—to automate the routing and approval of key company forms.

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