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HR News Round Up is back! Every Friday morning – grab a cup of coffee and get your read on – we’ll take a look back through some of the important and sharable HR news that came across our newsfeeds this week:

2 interesting developments for DOL’s overtime rule, injunction (via HR Morning)
Two very interesting things happened involving the DOL’s overtime rule while you were out of the office over the holidays.

10 ways to improve your telework productivity this year (via Washington Post)
Have a New Year’s resolution to work from home more this year — maybe to spend more time with your children or save some gas money?

Why Men Don’t Want the Jobs Done Mostly by Women (via NY Times)
It hasn’t been a great time to be a man without a job. The jobs that have been disappearing, like machine operator, are predominantly those that men do. The occupations that are growing, like health aide, employ mostly women.

Four lessons I’ve learned working in payroll (via Sage Advice)
Like many working professionals working in payroll and human resources I just fell into the industry. Numbers always intimidated me and I never thought I would be celebrating 10 years working in the payroll industry next year. I began working in the human resources department when our payroll person left and I was asked to take over their role. At the time I knew nothing about payroll and immediately had to become the expert in payroll.

Macy’s Will Cut 10,000 Jobs After Poor Holiday Sales (via NY Times)
Struggling with sagging sales over another crucial holiday shopping season, Macy’s announced on Wednesday that it was eliminating more than 10,000 jobs as part of a continuing plan to cut costs and close 100 stores.

The Year in Job Search: A Look at the Biggest Trends of 2016 (via Indeed Blog)
The new year signifies a fresh start for many of us – resolutions to go back to the gym, eat healthier, and find a new job. At Indeed, it’s our mission to help job seekers succeed in accomplishing their resolutions by finding positions that match their job search. With over 200 million unique visitors coming to the site each month, we are constantly monitoring trends to help job seekers and employers find the right fit.

2017 Minimum Wage Increases (via iRecruit)
Twenty-one states, including New York and California, ring in the new year with an increase in the minimum wage. Massachusetts and Washington state will have the highest new minimum wages in the country, at $11 per hour.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit, Earn More with Less Effort (via CMS WOTC)
Learn about the latest legislative updates, and why there has never been a better time to take advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credits – WOTC with our WOTC expert Brian Kelly in our latest webinar.

How to Get an Employee to Work Faster (via Harvard Business Review)
There is no doubt that the pace of work everywhere has increased. We’re all expected to do more in less time. So what do you do if you have a tortoise on your team? How do you diagnose why he takes so long to get his work done? And how do you then help him understand the importance of picking up the pace — and support him in doing so?

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