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Our upcoming #hr webinars include Crystal Report of the Month Benefit Census Report, Payroll Your Way, iRecruit for Sage HRMS:

Make Time for Break Time
In today’s faster-paced, higher-demand business environment, many employees are eating lunch at their desks and not walking away from the work in front of them to recharge their batteries. The detrimental impact this can have on stress-related absenteeism, reduced productivity and increased medical costs “are in the hundreds of billions of dollars each year,” according to new research from the University of Toronto that underscores the bottom-line importance of taking breaks.

Your $1,000-a-Year Lunch Habit
Did you bring a brown bag to work today? If so, you’re probably doing your budget a big favor: A new Visa survey finds that those of us who tend to purchase our midday meal are racking up an average of $936 per year.

Motivating Employees: ‘We’re Not a Family, but We Are a Tribe’
Carey Smith, the CEO of a company called Big Ass Fans, says, “We’re growing at 30 percent per year, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.” Obviously, he starts with the company name. He personally exemplifies that not-too- serious attitude by listing his title on his business card as Chief Big Ass.

5 New Affirmative Action Requirements
BLR Senior Legal Editor and affirmative action expert Susan Schoenfeld clarified the main aspects of the new affirmative action requirements for people with disabilities. Today, four more requirements, plus an introduction to SmartPolicies®, BLR’s popular collection of prewritten HR policies. In addition to the major changes discussed in yesterday’s Advisor, there are several other important changes that are included in the final Section 503 rule, says Schoenfeld.

Failure to Clock In/Out
We have had some problems with employees failing to clock in/out. We currently do not have a policy in place for failing to clock in/out. An Employee Time Clock policy is necessary to ensure employees are aware of their timekeeping responsibilities and the consequences of failing to adhere to them. Employees will be more attentive to clocking in/out once a clear policy is adopted and consistently administered.

How to Host a Virtual Career Fair
Career Fairs are great for networking and collecting resumes. A traditional career fair attracts all kinds of people seeking employment.  A Virtual Career Fair will help you target specific demographics for your recruitment marketing. The benefits include cost savings over a traditional career fair, and the ability to promote your company and employment branding more effectively, and on a more personal level without having to compete with 100 other businesses at the same time.

Consumerization Steals the Show at HR Tech Conference
With the latest HR tech trends on display, the industry event shed light on consumer technologies that are driving expectations for HR software.

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