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Align Employee Goals With Company Objectives
Creating career development plans and setting out company objectives are often seen as separate events. However, in order for a company to succeed, it is important to recognize the relationship between these two business components and how powerful a company plan can be. Exactly how does a company go about interweaving employee goals with business objectives?

Young employees don’t know how to act in the office
I work for a government organization, so we get a lot of newcomers for whom this is their first job. They range from people straight out of high school to fresh college graduates. Either way, the majority tend to be horrible workers.  Dealing with young employees’ lack of experience — and sometimes glaring holes in their basic life skills — is a huge problem that I’m hearing more and more about.

Welcome to the 72-Hour Work Week
How many hours do you think the average American professional works each week? If you think 40, 50 or even 60, think again. For many, 72 hours is the new norm. In a recent survey of 483 executives, managers, and professionals (EMPs), we found that 60% of those who carry smartphones for work are connected to their jobs 13.5 or more hours a day on weekdays and about five hours on weekends, for a total of about 72 hours.

Should You Bring Mom and Dad to the Office?
Paul From was used to meeting the spouses and children of employees at company events. As chief executive of Central Wire Industries, a manufacturing firm based in Perth, Ontario, he has long held regular baseball games to get to know his employees better. But in the past five years, he has noticed his 20- and 30-something employees have started bringing new guests to company socials: Mom and Dad.

The Biggest Office Interruptions Are…
The big push in office design is forcing co-workers to interact more. Cubicle walls are lower, office doors are no more and communal cafes and snack bars abound. Like most grand social experiments, though, open-plan offices bring an unintended downside: pesky, productivity-sapping interruptions.

Regulator Bars Employers From Requiring Pay on Debit Cards
Employers must not require that workers receive their paychecks on debit cards, a federal consumer regulator said Thursday.

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