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Employee Engagement – Who’s Sinking Your Boat?
Ahoy! Did you know that up to 7 out of every 10 of your employees are trying to sink your boat? Watch and learn the latest employee engagement research, and learn what engaged employers can do to keep their organizations afloat.

‘No-Vacation Nation’ Rethinking Paid Time Off
You’ve probably heard the stories in the news: Americans aren’t using much vacation time these days, either because of economic concerns or the fact that they’re worried about job security and don’t want to be away from the office for too long.

10 dream jobs that aren’t as glamorous as they look
some of the most interesting and beautiful places in the world, and they get paid for it. Or a celebrity assistant? They get to hang out with celebrities! The truth is that while these jobs certainly do come with great perks, even so-called “dream jobs” aren’t perfect. Though all 10 of the following people love their careers and wouldn’t change them for anything, there are times when, like the rest of us, they think work sucks.

A View of Customer-Centric HR
Most HR professionals focus their efforts on maintaining strong relationships with employees. While helping employees succeed is important to any company, HR professionals who operate solely for their workers are missing out on an opportunity to benefit an organization in other tangible ways.

Teacher Knows Best: 7 Ways To Turn Employees Into “A” Students
As the nation gets ready to head back to school, even those of us who have long graduated should be thinking about grades. Over the years when I’ve hired new employees, the question I would always ask myself and my staff is, Is this person an “A” student? “A” students are people who think for themselves, go above and beyond and basically are, as teachers would put it, “a joy to have in class” (or in the office). I’ve always tried to hire (and work with) the A students instead of the “Cs,” which has helped me build some great teams.

A Mass Exodus of Millennials?
New research finds millennials leaving jobs more frequently and in greater numbers than their older co-workers. Employers and HR must put special emphasis on flexible work environments, advancement opportunities, and coaching to improve retention rates among this growing employee population, experts say.

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