Introducing Sage Abra Benefits Connections

Sage Abra Benefits Connect is an innovative new service offering for Sage Abra HRMS customers that securely automates communication of Sage Abra customers’ employee benefits enrollment data to your specific insurance carriers, eliminating the need to submit paper enrollment forms and giving you greater flexibility in adding benefits programs or switching among insurance carriers.

If you struggle to send electronic files, with multiple customized formats, to each of your benefits carriers, Abra Benefits Connect will save you time and frustration. Abra Benefits Connect integrates with Abra HR and simplifies the back-end of the enrollment process between the employer and the carriers.

Without Abra Benefits Connect, you may end up working with multiple custom formats, including spreadsheets, ASCII text files, XML, EDI, hard copies and fax forms, depending on the data submission rules of your selected carriers. Abra Benefits Connect eliminates all this complexity and cost by using a standard format to pull benefits data from Abra HR, transforming the data into the specific data formats and media required by each carrier, and delivering the data to the carriers.

Increasingly, carriers are demanding that their customers make the transition to electronic data submission. Paper enrollment forms can result in costly errors, “missed enrollments”, and from some carriers, additional charges for manual data re-entry. Easy-to-use and affordable, Abra Benefits Connect eliminates the errors associated with duplicate data entry and ‘missed enrollments’ both during annual open enrollment periods and for employee changes throughout the year by automatically extracting the benefits data from the customer’s Abra HR database and re-formatting it to meet the specific requirements of each benefit carrier.

Abra Benefits Connect service is secure, and supports the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) ANSI X12 834 specifications for benefit enrollment and maintenance transactions. When paired with Abra Benefits Enrollment, Abra Benefits Connect virtually eliminates the need for handling paper throughout the entire enrollment process, resulting in even greater labor and cost reductions.

Best of all, Abra Benefits Connect does not require any programming on your part, nor the support of your IT staff. All you need is an Internet connection!

For more information on Abra Benefits Connect, including a list of Benefits Carriers, please visit:

Or please call CMS directly at 800-517-9099.
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