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Reporting on Your Critical HR Data for Compliance Webinar

Sage HRMS provides a robust and reliable resource for all of your reporting needs. With several sources for report generation in Sage HRMS, all of your reporting needs are easily handled for both the US and Canada. You know that reporting is a critical piece of your HR responsibilities and getting it wrong can expose Read more about Reporting on Your Critical HR Data for Compliance Webinar[…]

Sage HRMS STAR-INFO Newsletter

February’s Star-Info newsletter focuses on the importance of HR compliance: To Protect The Organization, HR Must Stay On Top Of Government Mandates The human resources (HR) function is at the center of most organizations’ efforts to identify, hire, and retain the people the organization needs to achieve its goals. (read more) Sage HRMS Alerts And Read more about Sage HRMS STAR-INFO Newsletter[…]

Sage HRMS January Webcasts

Learn all about human resources compliance in 2013 with this month’s must-see webcasts from Sage: The Benefits of Compliance to HR Organizations: Identifying and Adopting Best Practices Compliance–the very thought of implementing an HR “compliance system” typically strikes terror in the minds of HR managers and IT professionals alike. Attend this live webcast and learn Read more about Sage HRMS January Webcasts[…]