[Video] “Mr. WOTC” Brian Kelly Gives His Support to Senators Brown and Portman after Proposal to Make the Work Opportunity Tax Credit Permanent

Earlier this week it was announced that Ohio Senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman, introduced the Work Opportunity Tax Credit & Jobs Act to the Senate, a bill which proposes to make the Work Opportunity Tax Credit permanent.

Brian told CMSWOTC.com yesterday:

“We applaud Senator Brown and Portman for introducing the Work Opportunity Tax Credit program to be a permanent tax credit. If we really want to think about both the social and economic impact of this legislation, it’s putting people back to work. We’re taking people that otherwise could not find a job. We’re giving employers incentive for bringing  these people onboard training and getting him back into the workforce. So the Work Opportunity Tax Credit makes a lot of sense. And matter of fact, we know through research and reports that actually the tax credit itself is a net gain to the fed by putting people back to work. It actually produces $12,000 in taxes. So it actually pays for itself over time. So the W.OT.C. program is not only good from an economic perspective, but it’s putting Americans back to work and it’s good from an economic and social perspective.”

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