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Join us on Friday mornings – grab a cup of coffee and get your read on – we’ll take a look back through some of the important and sharable HR news that came across our newsfeeds this week:

Workplace rudeness can affect employee health, well-being: study (Read @ CTV News)
If you’ve worked under a rude boss or alongside a coarse colleague, this will come as little surprise: according to a new study, workplace rudeness can affect employees’ health and emotional well-being.

9 FMLA record-keeping requirements employers need to know (Read @ HR Morning)
When an employee goes on leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), it can pay to double-check that your FMLA record-keeping processes are up to snuff in case your FMLA administration/processes are ever called into question.

How to Create a Successful Reverse Mentoring Program to Promote Gender Diversity (Read @ SHRMNext)
While women make up about half of the college educated workforce in the US, they comprise only 29% of science and engineering jobs. This percentage continues to drop further into leadership ranks within these fields. Due both the pipeline problem, as well as other career and social barriers, most senior managers in the tech industry tend to be men. This past year, the percentage of women CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies fell to 4%.

Being Engaged at Work Is Not the Same as Being Productive (Read @ HBR)
The holy grail of today’s workplace is high employee engagement. According to Gallup’s oft-cited research on the topic, just about one-third of U.S. employees are engaged on the job. That number drops to 13% worldwide, and has held steady for years. Many companies are investing heavily to identify what leads to high engagement in order to motivate employees, thereby increasing their happiness and productivity.

5 Reasons to Hire Women Over 40 at Your Tech Startup (Read @ Medium)
Much has been said about the tendency of tech companies to hire primarily young workers. There’s also the tired stereotype that older people are not “hip to new technology” to deal with. Like other hiring biases in tech, this issue seems to hit women in tech harder.

Improve and Update your Candidate Correspondence (Read @ iRecruit Blog)
Communicating with candidates and job applicants is an important part of your job as a recruiter, and a vital part of your recruiting strategy. For every successful candidate that you hire you may have 10s or 100s that are not. Whether that’s due to cultural fit, not having the required credentials or experience, or something else, the candidate or applicant would still want to hear from you.

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