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Join us on Friday mornings – grab a cup of coffee and get your read on – we’ll take a look back through some of the important and sharable HR news that came across our newsfeeds this week:

Say goodbye to 9-5 and the commute, more and more jobs are becoming ‘flexible’ (via CNBC)
Slowly but surely, the traditional 9am to 5pm job—and the long commute it sometimes entails—is becoming a thing of the past. More companies are offering work perks like flexible schedules and the ability to work from home.

Stuck in OT rule limbo? 3 ways to reduce your legal vulnerability (via HR Morning)
The Department of Labor’s (DOL) controversial overtime rule is officially on hold. But other than that, not much else is certain with the rule — and that’s a problem for employers. Not knowing when, or even if, the rule will kick in is not only taxing on administrative processes/plans, it also exposes you to potential liability.

Five Trends In Talent (via SHRM Blog)
In 2017, HR is expected to adapt to keep up with the changing business environment and evolving employee expectations.

8 Ways iRecruit Increases Your Efficiency as a Recruiter (via iRecruit)
iRecruit aims to help recruiters and HR departments maximize their time and efficiency by instantly posting and sharing jobs, help you identify your top ranked candidates quickly. You can also include your hiring managers by assigning them to positions or include via email. The PDF shows you 8 ways that iRecruit will help you become more efficient, and streamline your hiring in 2017.

Your employee handbook may be a contract — unless it says this(via HR Morning)
If you don’t want your employee handbook to qualify as a contract in court, then here’s what it should say.
“This is not a contract.” It sounds simple, but missing this language in one of its employee handbooks recently got an employer in some legal hot water. The lesson came from a new appeals court ruling, which said a handbook can create a contract unless it includes a disclaimer to the contrary.

Amazon to Add 100,000 Jobs as Bricks-and-Mortar Retail Crumbles (via NY Times)
Amazon’s new warehouse in Baltimore is a rare economic bright spot there, employing 3,000 people full-time in a city ravaged by poverty and a lack of opportunities for less educated workers.

Keep Recruiting and HR Together (via FistfulofTalent)
Here is my semi-annual appeal to HR and recruiting leaders who don’t get along and want to go their separate ways: Keep recruiting and HR together under one umbrella called “human resources.” If you’re one of those recruiting professionals who feel like HR just doesn’t understand what you do, I will challenge you with one question: Does it matter? The COO may not understand the intricacies of finance or logistics, but, if he’s doing his job well, he has the back of his team.

More Money Making Workers Mad (via SHRM Blog)
Many states and localities are increasing their minimum wage, effective this year. January is the popular month for changes. So, the minimum wage went up in your state or city, like it did in dozens of others. You budgeted to increase the pay of the minimum wage earners. Now the more senior employees are upset.

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