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Trend Watch 2014: 5 Healthcare Trends That Aren’t About The Money
Many business owners are watching the new legislation around health care and wondering who’s going to pay for health care and how will the costs shift? Yet that’s only one piece of the puzzle; the future of health care is about more than who pays for what. What the media rarely seems to cover is just how dramatically health care itself is changing and what that means for small-business owners forced to get more involved in health care, whether they want to or not.

Culture Comes First. The Rest Is Noise.
The most important thing in your business is not what you’re going to sell but what you value. That’s according to Bill Kanarick, chief marketing officer of global services company Sapient, who helped steered this former startup through the ups and downs of the digital age.

8 Succession Planning Fundamentals
Succession planning allows companies to not only retain key talent, but also to have someone at the ready when a critical position becomes vacant. This helps ensure smooth transitions and minimal disruption to business, all while retaining more of your high performers.

What Tips Does Marissa Mayer Have for HR Managers in the New Year?
While she works for a “Silicon Valley” company, the Yahoo CEO’s experiences (some would say exploits) over the past year offer some lessons and some challenges for every HR manager. The act that gained her the most notoriety was her rule that all employees must report to work at the physical office—no more telecommuting. The move was met with disapproval in many quarters (although Donald Trump reportedly approved). Some called it a step backwards for flexibility in the workplace, especially for women, who often count on flexible schedules and telecommuting to juggle family and work.

What can HR expect in 2014? Regs, rulings, reform and more
This year was no walk in the park for HR pros — and there looks to be plenty to keep everyone busy in the coming year. Here’s what should be on HR’s radar in 2014, courtesy of Fisher & Phillips’ Jim Holland and Much Shelist’s Sheryl Jaffee Halpern.

13 Workplace Trends We Saw in 2013
Here’s what we already know – and won’t soon forget – about the past year: 2013 was a year defined by wrecking balls, Royal babies, Kardashian babies, Kardashian breakups, Beiber monkey drama, doping scandals and selfies. Fortunately, none (or very few) of those things happened in the workforce. Let’s see what 2013 brought in the world of workforce management, talent acquisition and employee engagement this year.

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