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This week’s top stories in HR:

Crystal Reports Training For Sage HRMS Customers
We are pleased to announce the first in a series of complimentary web-based monthly Crystal Reports Training, on Thursday, August 22nd at noon. Our first report will be an employee census. Crystal Reports Training The Census report lists each active employee and all of the pertinent information on each employee.

Policy and Procedure: Navigating the NLRB
With the continued importance of technology, employee demands, and the ever-changing nature of the National Labor Relations Board, remaining compliant with government policies can be quite the challenge. It seems each week there are new appointments to the board, and with those appointments come Congressional disputes and a tug of war over the powerful counsel.

How to Create Employee Engagement Programs That Work
A recent poll from Gallup revealed only 30 percent of employees are engaged at work. Disengaged workers represent a cost to U.S. business between $450 billion and $550 billion every year, according to This represents a crisis state in human resources management. While efforts to increase employee engagement are common, too many fail. Employee engagement ideas run the gamut from perks and parties to trendy initiatives like standing desks. However, without a solid basis in analysis and research, these efforts may not work.

A Fairer Way to Make Hiring and Promotion Decisions
Nearly eight out of 10 executives say diversity is increasingly important in helping them achieve business goals — and they’re demonstrating strong support for it. There are external social and legislative pressures driving this emphasis, but the bottom line is that diversity is good for business. CEB research found that in a more diverse and inclusive workforce, individual discretionary effort improves by 12%, the number of people who say they intend to stay at their…

Most Embarrassing Termination Ever
You probably saw this when it hit the interwebs on Sunday and blew up yesterday, but if you didn’t, AOL’s CEO, Tim Armstrong, fired an employee while on a conference call with 1000 AOL employees!  Here’s the actual verbiage:

5 Jobs for the HR Department of the Future
I asked industry experts to predict what the HR department of 2020 would look like. Among their predictions: a move toward a more strategic in-house HR. What positions will this “more strategic” HR department of the future include? Here are five roles we discussed.

ATS & the Candidate Experience
Our customer service department received an interesting phone call yesterday, from a job seeker. What really stood out about this call, was that it was an applicant for a company that was not an iRecruit customer. They were using another Applicant Tracking software! We always talk about the “candidate experience” and being the “employer of choice”. Number one on that list is to make it easy for interested parties to apply for your jobs.

An Employee Says She’s Being Sexually Harrassed. Now What?
We recently had a female employee accuse her direct supervisor, a male, of sexual harassment. Now, we are very small, and don’t have an HR department. Could you point us in the right direction on how to handle this? We have separated the two before, but need some direction on how to handle this.

Recruit Webinars August 2013
Announcing the iRecruit webinar presentation schedule for August 2013. Learn how to take control of your applicant tracking and recruitment process, and manage your applicants in a centralized, secure, cloud-based database. We have weekly webinar demos scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm Eastern Time (US). Or contact us at 1-800-517-9099 to schedule a webinar at your convenience.

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