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This weeks top human resources stories from around the web:

Sage Summit 2013

Meet Brian Kelly at Sage Summit
Meet Brian Kelly and attend a 10-minute iRecruit demo at Sage Summit to be automatically entered to WIN an escape for 2 for 4 nights at the gorgeous Club Tesoro Wyndham Cabo San Lucas…

Spotlight on Sage HRMS HR Actions® by Delphia Consulting
Sage HRMS HR Actions Brochure Take self-service capabilities to the next level with Sage HRMS HR Actions® by Delphia Consulting. Sage HRMS HR Actions enables you to create paperless forms using any fields in Sage HRMS and streamline the collection and approval of employee data using web-based self service.

Sage Summit 2013: Why You Can’t Miss It – Part 2
Over 3,000 of your peers attend Sage Summit each year. Learn why you should, too. Visit and register early to take advantage of the lowest rates.

Making Virtual Teams Work: Ten Basic Principles
Virtual teams have become a fact of business life, so what does it take to make them work effectively? On June 10, 2013, I launched a discussion around this question on LinkedIn. The result was an outpouring of experience and advice for making virtual teams work.

Develop a Hiring Manager Scorecard … to Make Them More Accountable (Part 1 of 2)
Few in the corporate world would argue against the fact that the actions of hiring managers have a significant impact on hiring. In fact, I estimate their impact to be over 50 percent (with recruiters and the corporate employer brand covering the remaining impacts).

AMA says obesity’s a disease: What’ll that mean for HR?
Here’s a thought that should make HR and benefits people shudder a little: The American Medical Association has officially recognized obesity as a disease.

The ICE Storm (or How to Respond During an I-9 Audit)
Maybe you just received a Notice of Inspection (NOI) from ICE; or maybe you had a visit from an ICE official, notifying you of an impending audit. Either way being on the receiving end does not evoke pleasant feelings and likely causes a fair amount of agitation. Maybe you have some processes and procedures in place to minimize findings of violations (and resulting fines or other sanctions). Hopefully you do, but what if you do not?

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