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Sage HRMS HR Actions

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Take self-service capabilities to the next level with Sage HRMS HR Actions® by Delphia Consulting.

Sage HRMS HR Actions enables you to create paperless forms using any fields in Sage HRMS and streamline the collection and approval of employee data using web-based self service. Anyone can initiate forms over the Internet or intranet—HR, managers, or employees—to automate the routing and approval of key company forms.

Simplify the employee change and performance appraisal processes. Interactive web-based forms replace paper forms, are easy to use, and result in submitted actions that are complete, accurate, and secure. Empower managers and improve service with online access to real-time information, including employee personnel files. The dashboard gives managers and HR visibility and control of actions throughout the workflow process.

Sage HRMS HR Actions helps you accelerate HR and payroll transactions throughout the employment lifecycle so you can:

–   Improve data quality and ensure the right information is captured on every form.
–  Ensure business processes are always followed consistently.
–  Get real-time monitoring and control for every form at any stage of the approval process.
–  Build dynamic forms easily with the help of wizards.
–  Eliminate data entry from paper forms into Sage HRMS and improve process efficiency.

HR Actions Webcasts

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–   Transform Your Workplace: Paperless Employee Change Forms With Sage HRMS (Register)
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