HR News Round Up

This weeks top human resources stories from around the web:

CMS Streamlines Work Opportunity Tax Credit Administration
CMS streamlines and simplifies the WOTC application process for employers. CMS’s secure online WOTC portal allows your new hires to complete the WOTC questionnaire online in minutes. Employees sign the forms electronically. No paperwork required.

CMS has joined the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations “NAPEO” to provide services, resources and tools to capture federal employment tax credit initiatives. The two most recent pieces of legislation includes “American Tax Payer Relief Act” and the “Vow to Hire Heroes Act”.

Spotlight on Sage HRMS Payroll
Sage HRMS Payroll Brochure Take control of your payroll processes with Sage HRMS Payroll. Sage HRMS Payroll will allow you to create accurate, timely payroll in-house and gives you complete control over your payroll process and sensitive payroll data.

Expand your knowledge and build your network at Sage Summit 2013
Sage Summit 2013 is the can’t-miss educational conference for Sage customers and users. It’s the destination to build your network, hear what’s working for others, and discover software tips and best practices you can implement to save loads of time.

If You Want More Paid Vacation, Consider a Move Here
Nearly one of four Americans (23%) has no paid vacation and 23% have no paid holidays, while most of the world’s developed countries offer workers at least six paid holidays a year. These statistics come from a new report by the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), “No-Vacation Nation Revisited,” which could cause Americans to lament their too-much-work, not-enough-play lives.

Itching for New Software
You’ve probably heard of the seven-year itch, that point in a relationship — after seven years — when people decide their relationship is unsalvageable. But does the seven-year itch apply to the relationship of HR professionals and their software providers?

Majority of New Hires Say Job Is Not What They Expected
Six in 10 American workers say they’ve found aspects of a new job different from what they expected, indicating they may have felt misled during the interview process.

Three Trends You’ll Need to Confront in the Next Year (Whitepaper)
There are three key trends that you and other leading HR executives will need to confront in the next year that can unlock HR’s potential for greater business impact: Rise of Human Capital Analytics, The New (Networked) Work Environment and Talent Scarcity at the Top. Learn more in this13-page whitepaper from CEB.

Tracking Turnover
Employees come and go. It’s a fact of doing business.
Defining how much turnover is acceptable for your business depends on a variety of factors. Type of industry or employee expectations, for example, are but two variables that managers and HR have to consider in determining the amount of annual churn that’s optimal for a given organization.

Sage HRMS June Webcast Schedule
June is the month to learn about the benefits of compliance, recruiting with iRecruit, engaging employees with Sage Source and taking control of your time and attendance.

About CMS

CMS is a Sage HRMS Business Partner, providing Sage HRMS software solutions to the North East and beyond. CMS has been providing Sage HRMS (Human Resource Management Systems), Recruiting, Payroll, Benefits Enrollment, Training, Time and Attendance, Employee Self Service, and Work Opportunity Tax Credits solutions since 1997. Call CMS Today For a Free Assessment of Your HR & Payroll Software Needs at 1-800-517-9099

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