Spotlight on Sage HRMS Payroll

Take control of your payroll processes with Sage HRMS Payroll. Sage HRMS Payroll will allow you to create accurate, timely payroll in-house and gives you complete control over your payroll process and sensitive payroll data.

Simplify your organization’s payroll processing with unlimited trial payrolls, on-demand and retroactive check processing, and unlimited direct deposits. We’ll keep you in compliance with ever-changing tax laws through quarterly updates, including tax tables.

–    Preview and print standard and customized checks and direct deposit advices for selected pay groups.
–    Support unlimited direct deposit accounts for each employee, as well as automatic ACH file creation.
–    Enable employees to manage a variety of personal payroll information when used with Sage ESS.
–    Provide employees with paperless paychecks with the Sage Payroll PayCard.

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Additional Payroll Options:

Sage Payroll PayCard
Sage Payroll PayCard, is an easy-to-use alternative to paper paychecks. This payroll debit card enables all employees to be enrolled in direct deposit, regardless of an existing banking relationship. It easily integrates with your existing payroll system,  features a user-friendly online enrollment platform and enables you to save money on your payroll processing costs.
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Outsourced Payroll by CompuPay
CompuPay makes payroll simple and cost-effective, regardless of your company’s size.
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To learn more or set up a demo of Sage HRMS Payroll, Sage Payroll Paycards, or CompuPay , please call 1-800-517-9099.

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