10 Things to Ask When Purchasing Applicant Tracking Software

If you’ve received the enviable task of researching your next online recruitment software, the iRecruit Blog has a few key questions you should ask during your next applicant tracking software demo. This list compiled from frequently asked questions we have received from people attending iRecruit’s demos (Tuesdays, or Thursdays at 2pm Eastern Time).

1.   What features do you provide?
2.   How customizable is the recruitment software?
3.   What is the implementation process like?
4.   How much training will we have?
5.   What level of service should I expect?
6.   Do you have a trial period?
7.   What if we’re not a fit after we purchase, and we want to cancel?
8.   What happens in the case of a disaster?
9.   What is the average size and/or type of customer?
10.   What are the costs?

Click here to see the list what you should ask, and why it’s important to know.

iRecruit is an online recruitment and applicant tracking software designed to provide any size of business a cost effective, affordable and simple way to handle their recruiting process online. iRecruit provides you with your own career center that will allow your applicants to select the position they are interested in, and apply online through your website!

Weekly demos, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm Eastern Time (Register Today), or call us at 1-800-517-9099 to schedule a demo at your convenience.

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