Roundup: This Week’s Popular HR News From Around The Web

This week’s HR News Roundup from around the web: This week the news is dominated by the so-called Fiscal Cliff, and what 2013 has in store for HR, and more.

‘Fiscal cliff’ averted, but paychecks will shrink
Get ready for some employee questions – and grumbles – following the passage of the legislation that pulled us back from the “fiscal cliff.” The four provisions in the American Taxpayer Relief Act that will most directly affect your workforce:

House Overwhelmingly Passes $9.7 Billion Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill
Following a verbal lashing over the $60.4 billion Hurricane Sandy relief legislation that was not voted on this week, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a smaller $9.7 billion Sandy bill to pay flood insurance claims today. There were still dissenters of course, with the final vote 354 to 67. You can see the full list of who was for and against here—among those nay voters was former Vice Presidential candidate and P90x enthusiast Paul Ryan.

HR Trendspotting: 2013 Edition
It’s that time when we pause for at least half a second to think about what will be different at work this year. Forecasts are notoriously unreliable, and I have no confidence in my own ability to predict the future (among other things, I thought this economic downturn would have been over years ago). So instead of making my own, I read many of the 100 or so lists of top HR developments and predictions for 2013.

Sage HRMS Customer Alert
The IRS has released updated income tax withholding tables for 2013 that reflect the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (the “fiscal cliff” legislation passed earlier this week). Our plan is to make a service release available to customers as soon as possible incorporating these changes. At the time of this Alert, our aim is to have this available by end of next week, January 11, 2013.

American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 Video
Brian Kelly with CMS states that under the new ‘‘American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012’’, H.R. 8 Senate Amendments. Employment tax credits for employers have been renewed though the end of 2013.

iRecruit Webinar Dates January 2013
Announcing the iRecruit webinar presentation schedule for January 2013. Learn how to take control of your applicant tracking process, and manage your applicants in a centralized, secure, cloud-based database.

Sage HRMS January Webcasts
Learn all about human resources compliance in 2013 with this month’s must-see webcasts from Sage:
The Benefits of Compliance to HR Organizations: Identifying and Adopting Best Practices
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