Roundup: This Week’s Popular HR News From Around The Web

HR News Roundup: This week we’re hosting our second PPACA, What Employers Need to Know webcast, should employees be forced to get a flu vaccine, HR Hot Topics for 2013 and the worst communication mistakes you can make and more…. this week’s top human resources news stories from around the web.

PPACA Webinar What Employers Need To Know
CMS is excited to announce our latest educational webinar covering what employers need to know for Year-end W-2 Reporting & Compliance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). The live webcasts will cover what you need to know from a compliance and reporting standpoint.

Some Hospital Employees Dismissed, Suspended After Refusing Mandatory Flu Shots
Despite resistance from some employees, more state hospitals this year are making flu shots mandatory for all workers, and some have even suspended or dismissed a handful who have not complied. This year, 19 of the 29 acute care hospitals in the state require that all employees get flu vaccinations. It’s a sharp increase from last year, when there were only five. State health officials did not name the hospitals. There has been dissent from some employees.

Worry Less About New Hires and More About Training
Many businesses are now in a position where they’re worrying less about economic woes and more about how to expand their current portfolios, but to do that, a lot of them are turning to outside hiring practices to try and get fresh perspectives. The problem here is that many of the most talented employees have already been scooped up by other companies – with the unemployment rate dropping and many businesses sharing this expansionary mindset, plenty of employers have already scoured the system.

HR 2013 and Beyond—Hot Topics
In yesterday’s Advisor, panelists at the Advanced Employment Issues Symposium in Las Vegas covered sweeping developments at DOL and EEOC Today, the compensation-related issues, plus an introduction to the unique “50×50” (50 Employment Laws in 50 States).

4 Powerful Words Employees Need to Hear
There are lots of ways to make a positive impact on your staff. But the best involves four simple words. Four simple words, used correctly and with the right intent, can make a powerful impact on your business, your life, and other people.

Hiring Wisdom: What Do You Do With the Employee From Hell?
I recently made a presentation to the Association for Residential Cleaning Services International which included a discussion about “the employee from hell.” Shortly after, one of its members sent me this sad story:

Why Workers Don’t Use Vacation Time
A survey by Harris Interactive, Inc., found that by the end of 2012 Americans will leave an average of 9.2 vacation days unused, up from 6.2 days in 2011. According to a survey by Expedia, here are the top five reasons why U.S. employees don’t use all of their vacation time:

Ho Ho Ho? Employers Should Be Careful of Holiday Parties
Even cold-hearted employment lawyers enjoy end of year festivities. At the same time, we worry that our clients will experience employee claims and HR hangovers that last well into 2013. Here are a few simple tips to avoid problems.

How to Properly Recognize Employees During the Holidays
During the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen several media articles and blog posts on this topic. None are worth pointing back to as the advice is the same stuff I’m sure you’ve all read again and again, year after year. So what do I advise instead?

The 10 Worst Communication Mistakes For Your Career
“How do you signal to the world you’re leadership material?” asks Sylvia Ann Hewlett, an economist and the founding president of the Center for Talent Innovation (CTI) in New York. “You don’t get a shot at being a leader unless you signal right.”

Sage HRMS December Webinars
Including The Benefits of Compliance to HR Organizations, Paperless Payroll with Sage Payroll PayCard, Sage HRMS HR Actions, Why Integrated Talent Management Matters, Automate the Performance Appraisal Process, iRecruit for Sage HRMS and Introduction to Sage HRMS.

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