Roundup: This Week’s Popular HR News From Around The Web

HR News Roundup: This week what to do about the bring your own device trend, are the U.S. elections acting as scapegoats for hiring, what CEOs are thinking, and more…. this week’s top human resources news stories from around the web.

Five Tips for Stronger Teams
Do your employees work well in teams? Can they collaborate well with others? Having employees who can work together to solve problems is essential to your company’s ability to function and prosper. When your employees are working in a team it allows for their collective knowledge, skills and resources to come together.

BYOD: Here’s a sample policy to handle a tricky new trend
It’s a perk employees really appreciate: Being allowed to use their own personal devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets) to get their jobs done. But be careful –  this increasingly popular trend can backfire on your organization.

Are U.S. Companies Using Elections as Scapegoats for Hiring Plans?
Corporate rhetoric aside, low demand for workers is key reason for slow hiring  Politicians, pundits and job market experts alike frequently cite “uncertainty” as a root cause for weak hiring.

“Veterans Have an Unmatched Global Awareness”: CEO Discusses the Virtues of Military Recruitment
Dedicated to the progress of its clients, consultants and the community, Zylog Systems (Canada) Ltd recently increased its efforts to match military veterans with the employers upon leaving their service. In the following Q&A, CEO John Mehrmann discusses how the IT and Engineering professionals services provider has enhanced its military veteran recruitment efforts to bring more diversity and a broader range of skills to clients – thereby following through on its mission to empower clients, consultants and the community.

4 Great Talent Management Takeaways from the Inc. 500 CEO Survey
Do you ever wish you could pick the brains of America’s most successful startup CEOs, just to see what’s rattling around in there? Do you wish you could ask them how they grew their companies or how they manage their employee selection process?

No, I’m Not Crazy – Here’s Why HR Needs to Be a Lot More Like Tuna
When is the last time you had a tuna fish sandwich? It’s been a while for me because I’m the only one in my family who likes it, but growing up, I had tuna weekly. I mean, it’s the Chicken of the Sea! So, the big question is what does tuna have to do with HR? Only a question I would ask! Tuna did for itself what human resources needs to do for itself: build a reputation within your organization – a positive reputation!

Employees Make It Clear: Here’s What They Need to Really be Engaged
Thanks to a great article in by Leslie Allen, I came across these interesting results of a recent  Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) study in the UK. The CIPD in the United Kingdom is similar to SHRM in the United States. This 2012 research reflects the employee satisfaction and engagement attitudes of nearly 300,000 employees and managers across industries throughout the UK.

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