Roundup: This Week’s Popular HR News From Around The Web

HR News Roundup: This week is job hopping worse than having a criminal record, how to have a BYOD policy, how HR pros can increase their decision making influence and more…. this week’s top human resources news stories from around the web.

Sage September Webinars
Join CMS on September 27th for an afternoon of Sage webinars.  For new customers discover Sage HRMS, for current customers to find out what’s new with Sage HRMS, and for all businesses to learn how they can save on new hires with the Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

3 benefits compliance areas employers need to watch for
Up until a few months ago, I worked as a director of compliance for a health and welfare benefits consultancy. As part of my job, I would have frequent conversations with external counsel, especially regarding ERISA and Section 125. Whenever I would speak to one attorney in particular, Marilyn Monahan of Monahan Law Office, we always seemed to get off on a tangent about why so many employers aren’t compliant in a few key areas.

Telecommuting as ADA accommodation: Where courts draw the line
A new ruling should give firms more insight into when they have to allow accommodate workers’ requests to work from home. Jane Harris, a resale buyer for Ford Motor Company, had irritable bowel syndrome that resulted in frequent and unpredictable absences from work. She asked Ford if she could participate in the company’s telecommuting program by working from home four days a week.

4 things that every BYOD policy needs to address
What are the issues that governments need to address in the absence of a BYOD policy?
New college graduates entering the workforce this year may have gotten their first iPhone before they started college.  They may have gotten their first email address while they were in middle school.  While students who graduated from college even five years earlier were doing research on their laptops in dorm rooms, this year’s graduates could fact-check their professors during their lectures on high-speed wireless networks using devices that weigh less than a bottle of water and fit surreptitiously in a pocket or purse.

New Study: Long-Term Unemployment Viewed By Hiring Companies As Worse Than A Criminal Record
A survey released today shows that people who have criminal records but are holding down a job have an easier time impressing hiring managers than do people who have been out of work for two years or more. The study is by Bullhorn, a Boston maker of recruiting software. The company ran an anonymous survey between August 23-28 of 1,500 staffing recruiters, corporate recruiters and hiring managers who use Bullhorn’s products.

3 Ways HR Pros Can Increase Their Influence in Top-Level Decisions
Let’s just start by getting this out of the way: Human Resource professionals deserve to have the CEO’s ear. That’s not flattery, it’s fact. As HR experts, you have experience and knowledge about how to build human capital in an organization, and there’s nothing more vital to a company’s success than its people.

Labor Law Under Obama or Romney–Employers Brace for Post-Election Changes
Eye on the Election Here’s the first in our series of “Eye on the Election” posts which are focused on helping employers prepare for post-election changes, no matter who is elected.

Background checks: What’s changing in 2013
Come January 1, you’ll want to make sure you’ve updated one specific part of your background check process. HR pros know that when they use a third party to conduct background checks on applicants or employees, there’s certain protocol that has to be followed to avoid running afoul of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

A Social Media Q&A: The Stuff That HR Pros Really Want to Know
I have been talking to HR professionals about social media and social recruiting. I’ve done several seminars, planning sessions and master sessions on the social media landscape. I have three more sessions left in 2012.

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