Roundup: This Week’s Popular HR News From Around The Web

HR News Roundup: This week how to attract top talent, what managers are doing right and how to manage office stress, dealing with whiners and negative behavior and more…. this week’s top human resources news stories from around the web.

Managing Office Stress For Office Success
When you think about return on employee investment, what comes to mind? Productivity scales, training schedules, benefit plans or quarterly reviews? It’s surprising how little of the human picture actually makes it into HR projections.

Want to Attract Top Talent? Offer a Killer 401(k)
Salary, stock options, and equity are certainly valuable. But a great retirement plan can help sweeten the deal. The lifeblood of your growing business is the intellectual firepower and energy of your employees. Keeping those brains engaged and motivated–and not hightailing it to the next better opportunity–probably crosses your mind all too frequently. As does making sure you can keep attracting new talent to your enterprise.

More Young People Give Up on Job Search
The number of entry-level employees in workforce has not been this low since 1955, one report says. The unemployment rate may have gone down slightly in August, but that was in part because more people have given up looking for jobs. More concerning, however, is the fact the shrinking labor force is losing the very job seekers that are supposed to make up your future employee base.

What managers are doing right — and what they can do better
First-line supervisors have long been the bane of HR’s existence, but new research says they’re doing something right — especially when compared with senior leaders. Employees say they trust their managers more than upper-level execs, according to a new survey from global consulting firm BlessingWhite.

Can Lack of Access to Sick Leave Be Dangerous to Your Health?
The benefits of offering paid sick leave can outweigh the costs, even for small companies and especially for employers whose workplaces have a high risk for employee injuries, experts say.

Ten Jobs That Have Grown Over 30 Percent in the Last Year
As the job market continues to be a central focus of political debate leading up to the Presidential election, CareerBuilder experts have identified areas of employment that are growing at an accelerated rate.

EEOC Wants Comments on Its Proposed Strategic Enforcement Plan
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)  has released for public comment a draft of its Strategic Enforcement Plan (SEP). What does the Strategic Enforcement Plan propose? Calling this “an opportune moment to aim for bold and transformative change,” the EEOC identifies the following key priorities…

What to do with a workplace whiner
It’s one of the diciest challenges of office politics, one that invades the cubicle farm and executive suite alike: How to deal with workplace whiners. While it’s often best to walk away, that can be difficult in today’s team-based workplace, where many people work closely in groups.

Night Owl or Early Bird, It Helps to Know When You Are Most Productive
The early bird catches the worm. I hate that phrase. I find it irritating because of the origin behind it, the idea that in order to succeed you must wake up and get to work early. I’m going to have to disagree with this concept.

The Key to Overcoming Workplace Negativity
There is no guarantee that just because two people work together they are going to get along. Conflict in the office, though, can result in increased disengagement and a depletion of productivity, as this negativity will impact everyone working with those involved in conflict.

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