Roundup: This Week’s Top HR Stories From Around The Web

HR News Roundup: Happy Labor Day! This week find out that many Americans don’t use their vacation time, 18% of your co-workers don’t want to be your BFF, how to conduct effective performance reviews and more…. this week’s top human resources news stories from around the web.

Many Americans Don’t Use Their Vacation Time!
Labor Day is fast approaching! Do you have vacation plans? Believe it or not, most working Americans won’t get away for the long weekend. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans gave up an estimated 226 million vacation days in 2011. That’s $34.3 billion worth of vacation time wasted!

HR Technology Spending Forecasted to Rise
According to new research from HR consulting and risk management firm Towers Watson, a significant proportion of companies intend to increase their spending on HR technology over the next year in order to boost growth and improve efficiency.

Tips for Conducting Effective Performance Reviews
Before an HR professional or manager conducts a performance review, they should research correct and effective evaluation methods, as preparedness will help avoid any miscommunication while improving efficiency.

Organizational Values: Live Them and They — the Talent — Will Come
“For us this lawsuit has always been about something much more important than patents or money. It’s about values. We value originality and innovation and pour our lives into making the best products on Earth. And we do this to delight our customers, not for competitors to flagrantly copy.” This was part of the missive that Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, sent his employees after the big jury verdict that Apple won against Samsung.

Criminal background check firm gets slammed by FTC
More reason to think twice about pre-employment criminal background checks: How sure can you be that the info you get is accurate? That question arises on the heels of a $2.6 million settlement agreed to by HireRight Solutions, which had been charged by the federal Fair Trade Commission with failing to take the proper steps to ensure the reports it provided to employer/clients was accurate.

5 things a boss must do before firing someone
As a manager, one of the most difficult things you must do is fire a bad employee. Once you’ve made the decision there are five things you need to do before sitting down with the employee.

Employer-Provided Healthcare: One Size Does Not Fit All
Offering all participants in a healthcare program equal access and opportunity to receive quality care and medical purchasing efficiency should be the goal of any organization. Experts say eliminating structural and language barriers, and respecting the cultural context of each individual employee or their family members, are the keys to success.

8 Steps to Keep Your Workplace Union-Free
Eight steps you can take, plus an introduction to an extraordinary program prepared especially for smaller—or even one-person—HR departments.

The Key to Productivity
HR professionals are expected to carry a certain level of expertise and are held accountable to vital processes including payroll, federal compliance and employee retention strategies, just to name a few. Having a work strategy can prevent these individuals from feeling overwhelmed or doing poorly at assigned tasks.

18% of Your Coworkers Don’t Want to be Friends with You
You know that coworker who’s all business — never comes holiday parties, never discusses last night’s reality TV shows at the water cooler, and never gives you a peek into his or her private life? Or perhaps you are that worker — a recent Monster poll asked, “How important to you is developing friendships with your coworkers?” And a solid 8% said, “Don’t bother me; I’m working!” (Friendlier folks were by far in the majority.)

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