Roundup: This Week’s Top HR Stories From Around The Web

What we’ve read this week, what HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ can teach managers, the outrageous death benefits Google employees receive and how to be more productive at work….

The Benefits of Paperless HR: Sustainable, Cost-Effective, and Within Your Reach
Sage HRMS via Slideshare

U.S. Trails World in Paid Time Off as 40% Don’t Get Money
About 40 percent of U.S. workers, or more than 55 million Americans, don’t get paid when they take vacation or sick days, the government reported.

Why Every Manager Should Watch HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’
At the beginning of this year’s training camp, the Miami Dolphins’ tall and angular new head football coach, Joe Philbin—who looks more like a dentist than a tough-talking gridiron guru—reminds one of the team’s high-profile acquisitions that he’d be wise to toe the line. The player is the wide-out Chad Johnson, a man known until recently as Chad Ochocinco, who earlier had unleashed some foul language during a press conference.

Extreme Benefits: Google Edition
Google’s incredibly generous death benefits have generated huge admiration. But what are they really for?

Make Meetings Productive: 3 Better Ways
Everyone hates meetings. When people get the chance to work from home, they undoubtedly say they’re more productive because they don’t have to go to meetings. In the thousands of meetings I’ve sat through, I can tell that within half an hour, most people tune out, and their capacity for creative thinking is mostly turned off.

WOTC Webinar: What’s new with the Work Opportunity Tax Credit?
CMS would like to invite you to join our resident Human Resources and Tax Credit Expert,  Brian Kelly, to find out what’s new with the Work Opportunity Tax Credits. Brian will review the following, and answer any questions you may have about this extremely valuable tax credit.

Drive Success and Motivation Through Management
Considering the cost of replacing an individual should deter most HR professionals from jumping to fire even a problem employee given the state of the current economic and job markets. Identifying the reasons why workers don’t succeed and driving strategic HR management solutions can help maintain staff.

Why don’t firms do a better job of talking to employees about benefits?
Everybody’s always saying how important it is to communicate regularly with employees, especially in the benefits area. So how come so few companies do it effectively?
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