Roundup: This Week’s Top HR Stories From Around The Web

What we’ve read this week, can soda derail an employee wellness program, and how to get more from your benefits investment.

Healthcare and Tax and Payroll, Oh My!
The federal government has been very busy coming up with new regulations for business finances over the last few months. With new rules on everything from deduction volumes and annual contributions to what really qualifies as a generic, it may seem the task of understanding all the new intricate details and effectively facilitating new plans with existing employees is almost impossible. The first step in the battle is finding out what you need to learn, and then finding the tools to get the needed knowledge.

Managers: 6 tips for being a good communicator
As a general rule, people are nice. We don’t enjoy hurting other people’s feelings, and we want to give people another chance. But then resentment and anger build, and we end up rashly yelling, punishing, or firing.

The Family and Business Tax Cut Certainty Act of 2012
The Senate Finance Committee has approved “The Family and Business Tax Cut Certainty Act of 2012.”  The committee approved the package of more than $205 billion in tax cut extensions for families and businesses by a bipartisan vote of 19-5.

Losing an Employee Is Costly
With some studies suggesting that up to 75% of employees are prepared to look for a new job as the economy improves and more opportunities are available, employee retention is critical. Especially your best employees, rarely lack for opportunities even in the worst of times.

Can Soda Drag Down Your Wellness Program?
When having a soda beverage, you’re getting 300-500 calories, which is almost as much as a meal for some people, says Registered Dietitian Jason Muchnick. Is one of your biggest wellness challenges in your beverage machine?

A New Direction in Skills Training?
A new initiative provides employees with tuition reimbursement up-front for learning job skills outside the e-commerce industry. But will it catch on elsewhere?

Viewpoint: Get More from Your Benefits Investment 
Many employers are missing key opportunities to get the most value from their benefits programs and meet larger strategic goals. And most are failing to implement proven best practices.

3 Things We Can Learn From India About Employee Recognition
I recently had the opportunity to travel a bit in India. How excited I was to pick up a Times of India newspaper on my first full day in the country to encounter the article … In “India Inc rewards staff to tide over slowdown,” there are quite a few points made that prove my oft-cited truism that recognition has real power globally – across all cultures and nationalities.

HR’s Primary Role in Recruiting? It’s Really All About Retention

HR doesn’t get as much credit for recruiting as they should. But it’s not for the reason you might think. An organization that seemingly recruits well probably has an HR department to thank for helping to keep and attract employees.
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