The Bottom Line on HR Technology

The Bottom Line on HRMS: Improving Results and Lowering Costs with a Human Resource Management System

Need help solving key workforce management challenges such as attracting top talent, benefits costs, resource shortages and compliance? Today’s executives must consider key HR objectives as part of their strategic competitive plan. This paper highlights the role of HRMS in meeting these challenges.

A well-run business needs a strong, talented workforce. Globalization is increasing the competitive pressures on businesses while rapid advances in technology require new skills and accelerated development of the workforce. The changing business environment puts pressure on business owners to address human resources as a key part of the strategic competitive plan.

Business planning must address the following human resources challenges as a key factor to overall success:

  • Recruiting, retaining, and developing talent
  • Containing escalating benefits costs
  • Maintaining compliance and reducing risk of litigation
  • Managing limited HR resources

A Human Resource Management System (HRMS) provides an integrated software solution for automating and managing your organization’s core workforce administration and transactions, including compliance, benefits, payroll, time and attendance, recruitment, training, and more.

In this paper, we’ll explain exactly what an online benefits enrollment system does, and in what ways it can lower your total benefits costs. You’ll also learn tips for how to plan for and select an online benefits enrollment system. Finally, we’ll define how to measure and calculate return on investment (ROI) for your organization.

You’ll discover how a well-planned HRMS can:

  • Drive costs out of your business by automating core HR, benefits, and payroll processes for increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Help contain and reduce the spiraling costs of employee benefits.
  • Increase retention by providing a high-level of service to employees while controlling the cost of providing it.
  • Make the best possible decisions regarding your workforce with accurate, timely reporting and analysis.
  • Reduce the cost of compliance and risks associated with increasingly complex and burdensome regulations, including the avoidance of fines, penalties, and costly litigation.
  • Improve processes for recruiting, developing, and retaining people with the required skills and aptitudes to meet current and future organizational needs.
  • Reduce routine administration and paperwork, enabling you to focus more on workforce and business strategy.

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