Introducing Sage Abra HRMS

Manage your key HR and Payroll Challenges with Sage Abra

This award-winning human resource management system is comprised of HR, payroll, benefits, training, recruiting, and compliance solutions developed specifically for small and midsized businesses. Its flexible design features a comprehensive array of features, plus the powerful reporting and analysis capabilities you need to efficiently manage your workforce.

Sage Abra HRMS’ flexible design features a comprehensive array of features, plus the powerful reporting and analysis capabilities you need to efficiently manage your workforce.

Human Resource Management
Manage HR information based on your company’s unique structure and needs. Sage Abra HR automates administrative work and lets you manage unlimited benefit plans and define eligibility criteria. Manage employee information such as job requirements, job history, compensation, performance reviews, skills, education, and attachments.

Government Compliance
Sage Abra gives you peace of mind when it comes to ensuring compliance with government regulations, including EEO and OSHA, I-9 and VETS 100. Abra collects and tracks the required information and provides reports in the mandated formats.

Flexible Payroll Management
Make payroll processing a breeze with flexible, in-house payroll management solutions that are optional yet integral components of Sage Abra HRMS. Streamline payroll processes with direct deposit, federal, state, and local tax management, and comprehensive payroll reporting.

Easily set up and administer unlimited employee paid and unpaid time-off plans with the Sage Abra attendance solution. Manage virtually all types of plans, including vacation, illness, leave of absence and FMLA. Accrual or lump sum calculation support lets you track year-to-date hours available versus year-to-date hours taken.

Employee Self-Service
Provide employees, managers, and administrators with a central location for viewing and managing personal data and company information, including time-off requests, pay stubs, current benefits, and training history.

Benefits Enrollment
Empower your employees to make their own benefits elections via the Internet or your company’s intranet. Easy, step-by-step wizards in Sage Abra’s benefits enrollment solution guide administrators through the benefit plan setup process and provide your employees with easy-to-use open enrollment walkthroughs and year-round life events management. Additionally, you can cut the costs and complexity of benefits administration with Abra’s carrier connectivity service. Securely automate communication of employee benefits enrollment data with insurance and benefits carriers.

Training Management
Sage Abra training solutions give you the edge when it comes to employee training, with automatic scheduling of training classes, more organized training record-keeping and hassle-free delivery of the courses your employees need.

Simplified Recruitment
Now it’s simple to recruit the right employee for the job. Sage Abra recruiting management solutions help you recruit more effectively using the Internet, keep an organized database of qualified applicants, allow your managers to track their open requisitions and expenses, and automate the entire hiring process.
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