Join CMS for an Abra HR Training Class

Intended For: Refresher Course, or beginners.
Date: Monday, July 23rd 2007
Time: 1:00 pm (Eastern)
Length: Approximately 2 hours*
Cost: $195 per person

This 2 hour online class provides a detailed overview of Abra Suite including Actions, Processes, Analysis, Reports, Rules and Details. Learn how to use the Abra Solution effectively.

Abra Suite contains six main activities: Actions, Processes, Analysis, Reports, Rules and Details. Each product installed on your system contains the same types of activities, although the specific tasks vary for each product.

Learn how to use sample data, define your user preferences, customize your reports, use the scheduler and perform practice exercises along with your instructor. Make sense of the code tables and rules set up. Get to know the different reports, analysis and query tools. Understand the System Actions, Processes, Rules and Reports. Make use of the Abra Help file, and many more tips and tricks that will make your Abra experience more efficient and valuable.

Click here to register online today, or call Linzi at 860-678-4401.

* Web-Based Training classes may occasionally run past the two hour time limit depending on Question & Answer session. Please plan accordingly.
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