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New training developments based on your survey responses

In the September issue of AbraTalk, Sage Software asked you to share your thoughts and experiences with Abra Training. Based on your survey responses, the Sage training team is evaluating new training topics to develop additional content that you have requested. They’re also pursuing more online courses through Abra Realtime Learning, to match your preferences for travel and your training budget.

Training Participation
Many of you have already attended at least one Abra training class – 84% of respondents reported receiving training. Based on this fact, we are researching new and innovative topics to present you with additional training opportunities. We want to hear from you, our valued Sage Abra customers! To suggest training topics that you would be interested in, call 866-888-6070.

Effectiveness of Abra Training
Everyone who attended training rated it effective, with 58% rating it extremely effective (9 or 10 on a scale of 10). 89% rated training effectiveness at a 7 or higher on a scale of 10. As you return to your office after Abra training, you’re finding that training has measurably improved your job productivity. This corresponds with the in-class satisfaction surveys that we conduct at Abra training. We’re committed to continuing to provide expert instructors, highly relevant content, and an effective training format.

Training and Travel
The majority of survey respondents preferred not to travel far to attend training. In fact 26% preferred not to travel at all. And another 41% would prefer not to travel further than 60 miles from the office for training. You also indicated a strong preference for online training sessions. 75% of respondents reported they were “somewhat likely” or “very likely” to attend online training.

Sage Software has responded to your travel and budgetary needs by introducing convenient, affordable Abra RealtimeLearning. These two-hour online classes easily work into any schedule – and you can learn from the convenience of your own office! We’re adding new classes all the time, so be sure to visit

New Training Topics
Finally, we asked you what additional content you would like to see covered in online or classroom training. You gave us some great suggestions that we are analyzing for future course development. Here are the topics that you submitted in the survey:

  • Getting started with Recruiting Solution
  • Tips on writing Crystal Reports
  • Things to beware of in Abra
  • HR and Payroll modules
  • How tables and fields interact with each other for reporting
  • Electronic tax payments
  • Basics of OrgPlus
  • Initial set-up and linking of modules
  • Reporting
  • eRecruiter and Train
  • Attendance and Advanced Query
  • Security
  • Time and Attendance
  • Creating form letters for events such as benefit enrollment and other notices
  • New changes and updates to programs

Please keep your suggestions coming! Call 800-517-9099 to give us your thoughts on Abra training. We value your input about what we can do to continue to help you increase your effectiveness in your job and get the most out of your Sage Abra solution.
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