Sage Abra In The News – Accounting Today

The August 7 issue of Accounting Today includes payroll software reviews by Dave McClure, and of course, Abra Payroll is included, with a mention of Sage Payroll Services as Sage Software’s outsourcing solution, and Sage Compliance Services for “organizations wishing to perform payroll in-house, but outsource payroll tax compliance.”

The article also points out how the use of Abra ESS in conjunction with Abra Payroll “helps enable paperless payroll.” The article includes the following quote: “Built on 20-plus years of experience, and boasting a strong national network of certified business partners, Abra Payroll is notable for its focus on the mid-range business, its power and its flexibility. Few payroll solutions in its class can offer the same ease of navigation, customization features, economy and return on investment.”

To read the article please click here.
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