Learn How To Create Abra Custom Panels In Our Online Class

How To Create Custom Detail Pages (Abra HRMS)

2 Hour On-Line Seminar

Wednesday, June 28th from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Cost: $95.00 per person

Overview The Abra Custom Details web-based course is designed for Abra users to learn how to create custom detail pages specific to your company. The course teaches you what types of custom detail pages you can create and what types of fields you can use on custom detail pages. Additionally, you will learn how to create custom fields and custom code tables and you will be shown where the custom data is stored for reporting purposes.

Who Should Attend Human Resource Professionals and other users of Abra Suite who need to gain a basic familiarity with Abra Suite’s functionality to quickly and efficiently create custom detail pages and custom fields.

AgendaCurriculum Highlights:

  • Why Use Custom Detail Pages
  • Six Steps to Success
  • Create a Single-Record Detail Page
  • Create a Multi-Record Detail Page

Benefits After attending this workshop you will be able to:

  • Quickly and efficiently create custom detail pages based on your enterprise’s specific reporting needs
  • Develop custom fields and databases that meet your enterprise’s specific reporting needs
  • Easily and quickly modify existing custom detail pages

Connectivity Requirements Students require access to the Internet and a web browser to connect to the visual portion of the seminar. A separate voice phone line and a phone to dial into the audio conference call are required for the audio portion.

* Web-Based Training classes may occasionally run past the two hour time limit depending on Question & Answer session. Please plan accordingly.

To register today please complete the

registration and credit card form on our website. Or Call Brian Kelly at 860-678-4401.

**We will be happy to send an invoice to anyone attending who does not wish to complete credit card registration.

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